Windows 8 Design Principles Simplified Part 3 - Fast and Fluid

Welcome to the ‘Windows 8 design principles for dummies’ series. One of the key reasons for apps being rejected or sent back for fixes is Design. This is a five part series where I will cover five key highlights for each design principle that aims at helping developers build a high quality app. If you…


Pride in Craftsmanship -- Windows 8 Development Part 2

Sonal Mane, a Microsoft startup technologist in Chicago, provides us with the second chapter in a series on effective and efficient Windows 8 development. This series helps members in Microsoft BizSpark move quickly through the design of an app in Windows 8.   One of the key reasons for apps being rejected or sent back…


Doing More With Less in Windows 8 Development -- (Part One)

Sonal Mane, a Startup Technologist working for Microsoft in Chicago, walks you through steps to make the Windows 8 app development process easier.  Here’s her first post in a series. Welcome to the ‘Windows 8 design principles simplified’ series. One of the key reasons for apps being rejected or sent back for fixes is Design….


Can We Design So That Design Gets Out of the Way?

When it comes down to “smart technology,” we’re not really looking for devices that wow us. we’re looking to get things done. Current UX and UI in some smart devices is just too complicated. Seemingly effortless interface and controls actually end up being walls whenever our cultural habits and information processes slam against them. Take…


Reshma Sohoni: "Don't Divorce Mobile and Desktop" -- They Need Each Other

Tomorrow is the first day of the BizSpark Euro Summit 2012. To prepare, we asked a few of the judges some questions about startups, mobile and the culture of apps. We caught up with Reshma Sohoni, who is one of the co-founders of SeedCamp. Here’s what she had to say about what she looks for…


#DEMO2012 TourWrist Proves We Need Structured Memory to Live in the Present

TourWrist Is Not Just a Panorama Photo App Written by Douglas Crets, Developer Evangelist and Editor, Microsoft BizSpark Program TourWrist is an information translator that allows us to gain multiple layers of intelligence from an experience in the past, so that we can translate ourselves into the present. Let me back up. TourWrist won a million…