Helpful Startup Tips and a Special Offer for Startups from Soluto

Soluto has been one of the most successful BizSpark startups, proving that hosting a powerful solution on Azure can handle the demands of a highly scalable enterprise. They want to help other BizSpark members by offering a special promotion and some of their personal experience running a startup in Israel. Purchase any of Soluto’s annual…


Haunted: Launch of the First Windows Phone App Funded by AppCampus

The games app market is extremely competitive, so finding new ways to keep players captivated is the big challenge facing developers right now.  Finnish-based start-up Tuliotus has achieved just that, by introducing an exciting new approach to game-play with Haunted, which is also the first AppCampus-funded Windows Phone 7 (and now Windows Phone 8) app…


Bill Gates Keynotes SXSW and Other Things You Will Tell Your Kids One Day

To start off this bit of news, we recently found out our old commander-in-chief Bill Gates is going to be kicking off SXSW. How’s that, hipsters!?  From hipsters, we move to entrepreneurs. Namely, the entrepreneurs that have been slamming our Facebook page with advice, experience and narratives of how they have started up their own…


A Smart Phone for Every Stethoscope, A Solution in Every Cloud — Diagnosis as a Platform

In many developing countries, the barriers to building rapidly a medical personnel and infrastructure are so huge that millions of children die every year due to complications from easily treated illnesses. One of those illnesses is pneumonia, which actually kills more people than HIV in Africa each year. And the sad thing about it is,…


New Offer from RightScale Helps Startups Scale on Azure

Starting this evening, it is now possible for BizSpark startups to use RightScale to ramp up quickly on Windows Azure. If you haven’t looked into Microsoft BizSpark yet, this would be a good time to do so. BizSpark gives young startups making less than one million dollars in revenue some free software and access to…


CogniCor: Self-Aware Complaint Resolution System Could Be a Global Win for Corporations

A global nomad, Sindhu Joseph has created a company that uses machine learning from previous business agreements and customer service interactions and makes complaint resolution more efficient. Microsoft Evangelist Ruud DeJonge interviews CogniCor CEO Sindhu Joseph on an application that could transform how businesses interact with customers. When we sponsored the inaugural Tech All Stars…


Carlos Eduardo and Pratical One: Creating Your First Cloud-Based Logistics Data Company

How does a brand new logistical data company get up and running in Microsoft BizSpark? Turns out you can use a little bit of searching on the web, and depend on your business savvy partner to get ahead. But it’s not easy. Many people in parts of the developing world will want to stay focused…


Steve Ballmer On Stage at Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, talks to thousands of partners in Toronto this morning. Here’s a link to the live feed.  You can also track the conversation on Twitter, by following the #WPC12 hashtag. You’ll get a lot of interesting inside information during these talks. 


A Complete View of the Azure Deployment

What does Azure deployment mean to you? Right now, Azure is being rolled out through several countries. If you have questions about it and how you can build your solutions on the Azure platform, you should watch this video, which gives a concise summary for your business. Thiago Almeida, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist in New…


BizSpark European Summit in London Answers Questions about Building Startups in the Cloud

Startups and cloud developers face challenging opportunities while building a business in the cloud. Monetization of apps and how to manage talent in a wireless world are among the most important.To bring us through this, Wired UK editor David Rowan will moderate the BizSpark European Summit on June 7 in London.  By Ruud de Jonge,…