Interview with SiSense VP of Marketing Bruno Aziza: On Growth and Gain in Big Data

SiSense is one the newest big data analytics companies you might have heard about recently. Over the past few weeks, the company, a Microsoft BizSpark startup, was elected Top 10 Big Data Startup by CIO Magazine, Top App To Try by Inc. Magazine and was selected Top Innovative Company by the Under The Radar Conference. Their…


Prodibi: Swiss Rebels Give Due Respect to Web Photo Enthusiasts With Their BizSpark Software Innovation

While web-based video streaming and digital audio has become increasingly sophisticated, the quality of photograph images viewed online has lagged behind.  At the moment, if someone was to try to upload a high quality image for viewing on a PC, tablet or smartphone, the size of the image would compromise the delivery speed.  So, what…


Meet Denis Crowley During Live Chat May 23

We are honored that Denis Crowley, Founder of awesome check-in and recommendations app Foursquare, will be sitting down for a live chat with Douglas Crets on May 23.  Biography from his LinkedIn Profile: Dennis Crowley is the co-founder of foursquare, a service that combines social networks, location awareness and game mechanics to encourage people explore…


How BizSpark Speaks In Many Countries at Once — It’s About Listening

If you have not seen the work done by the folks at NodeXL, you need to check out how they piece together the fragmented ongoing conversations on the social web and put together very strong graphical images of those conversations. Like this one here.  We believe in keeping the conversation going. We’ve found that for…


E-Commerce Hope for Your Skeptical Parents?

If you are like my parents — in their early sixties and living in a suburban area of a large Nortwestern US state — you refuse to shop online because you don’t have enough confidence in e-commerce. It’s a sad fact that a significant percentage of the population of people who could benefit from shopping…


Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure Announces Its New Class for 2013

The new class for Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure just launched. According to Scott Guthrie, a Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business, we started the first Azure Accelerator because we wanted to give promising startups full access to Azure, so that they can build and grow. We’re doing it again for the next…


Mountain View Mania Continues

So, last night we had this perfect storm of pitch events, tech meetups, and a wild party in the Microsoft Technology Center. One of our partners, 500 Startups, held their Mexico Demo Day at our BizSpark Lab. It was full on startup day yesterday. Today, Mountain View Mania continues with a live feed of the…


Meet a Microsoft BizSpark Ambassador: Vishnu Prasad in Singapore

To introduce our next Microsoft Ambassador, we turn to Singapore. Vishnu Prasad works for SGTechCamps, based in Singapore, and he is one of the twenty ambassadors we have around the world, who are looking in on the entrepreneurs and developers in his corner of the world.  Microsoft BizSpark was created about three years ago with…


The Way of the MindSumo Warrior: Guest Post from MindSumo CEO Keaton Swett

In a place like Silicon Valley, it can sometimes feel like companies are started simply because it’s the thing to do.  Just as beanie babies were all the rage during my middle school years, I’ve met founders more enamored with the idea of starting a company than the technology being developed or problem getting solved….