These Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps Just Made Your New Year Bright

We told you earlier today that the fun was not going to stop with just a few Windows 8 apps made by some Microsoft BizSpark members. No, we said there would be more on the way. So, here continues our deluge of Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps that you can download and tinker around…


Windows 8 Apps That Should be On Your End of Year List

The holidays are here, and that means one thing: you are not going to be doing much work. We hope. But it is a time of the year when you plan on how you are you going to tackle the new year. For some of you that means more fun. For others, that means more…


Meet the 1World Online App

One of our newest members, 1WorldOnline, has a brand new app in the Windows Store.  They offer this widget you can put on your site to increase engagement with the brand and also gather collective audience intelligence about the way people think.  Here’s what it looks like. 


Speek No Evil: Meet Speek Co-Founders at TechCrunch Disrupt NY Today

This is part two in a series of blog posts and interviews about Microsoft BizSpark companies that will be presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Here is an interview with John Bracken, CEO and Co-Founder of Speek, one of the easiest teleconferencing apps you will ever use.  This interview was conducted by Neha Bhaskar, SR CHANNEL & ECOSYSTEM Marketing…


So You Want to Pitch Your Startup at a Global Event? Here’s What You Need to Know

Start-up competition season is in full swing and a couple of the big ones – the annual TNW Europe and TechCrunch Disrupt NYC – are both coming up later this month (go BizSpark finalists!)  So we thought it would be interesting to get some ‘behind the scenes’ viewpoints from start-ups who have themselves been on…


Add Your Voice to the Five Most Important Questions Being Asked this Week

We do a weekly analysis of the questions — literally, these are questions — that are being asked in our networks each week. So far this week, these are the five most important questions, based on how often we have seen them discussed in this form, or in other ways. Today we have contributions from…


First Person: Marios Karagiannis, Student Entrepreneur & Windows Phone Developer

What drives a successful start-up?  A lot of things, but it definitely needs a founder (or founders) who are really passionate about what the business is doing.  After all, when times are tough and sleep is scarce, having a strong belief in and love of what you are doing is going to help carry you…


Bodeefit Brings Fitness to Your Form Factor

In a world where obesity is killing thousands of people a day in the world, it’s almost joyous to hear that there are startups and app builders out there trying to use any means necessary to create the simplest apps to defeat life-threatening lifestyles and habits. The folks at Bodeefit,one of the BizSpark teams I…