APPLY for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator - Berlin

Apply now for the 2nd batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin Are you an early-stage startup having an idea so brilliant it burns? You want to make it happen – now? Then apply for the 2nd batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin! It´s an immersive program aimed at squeezing the countdown…


New Round of Applications Opens for Second Windows Azure Accelerator

If you are working on an app, or trying to build a company using the cloud, mobile, or any other device you have laying around the house, you may want to check out this new Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure. It’s the second in what is looking to be a series of Accelerators that help…


Atav Founder Tal Moran: Believe In Yourself, Help Others

Atav is another one of our Israeli startups debuting their product for an American audience today. Atav helps organizations recruit employees easily and effectively, without a lot of hassle.  Here, Tal Moran, founder, explains the motive behind the work he has done with his co-founders.  Has starting your own company provided any answers about your…


This is Stevie: Founder Says Social TV Still Defining Itself

You thought Social TV was going to solve all your advertising market problems, and stop the annoying things that make being a TV consumer annoying? Oh, well, it will. Just not immediately.   But, we do have an Israeli startup that has a solution they are demo’ing at the Israel Incubator Demo Day in Silicon…


In China, Building a Startup: PengFei Chen of Atom, Based at Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D HQ

This is our first interview with one of the participants of one of Microsoft’s international accelerators, which is officially called the Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D HQ. We talk with PengFei Chen of Atom, an Azure-based solution that offers corporate services to companies via the cloud.  We asked Chen, who was the CEO of MySpace China,…


Join the New York City 500 Startups Demo Day -- Streaming Today on BizSpark

The best way to get information that can help your startup is to watch Demo Days like the one we’re running right now on this blog for the 500 Startups Demo Day in New York City.  Too bad we can’t be there right now.  500startups on Broadcast Live Free