Peer Into Real Time Usage with Tap-O-Mizer, a Microsoft BizSpark Startup Tool Released This Weekend

The continually morphing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 ecosystem added another feature this weekend as one of our Microsoft BizSpark members, Ilija Injac, delivered to the Windows Azure market a new app for Windows developers. Introducing TapMap, a heatmap extension for Windows developers.  TapMap helps developers track real usage data on their apps as…


Why Hackers Win

This was a great tweet. Madelena Mak wins Best Windows Hack at TechCrunch Disrupt, despite lack of resources. Projector didn’t work and switched to camera in last second decision. Still win Best Windows app at @techcrunch #hackdisrupt. What a day. — Madelena Mak (@MadelenaMak) April 29, 2013


First-Ever EU AppCup Competition Yields Windows 8 Innovations

If the discussions over the coffee breaks were any indication, delegates at the annual IAMCP Summit in Brussels all seemed to agree it was a great success, but for me the highlight was the first-ever EU AppCup competition. This post was written by Soha Hohnecker, Software Startup Lead at Microsoft. Taking place on the second…


Microsoft Helps Break Guinness World Record With Largest Appathon Ever

From Microsoft in Bangalore, a world record has been broken. “Thousands of developers from all over India and beyond attend Windows AppFest to build apps for Windows 8 and made history by setting a Guinness World Record for the Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location.” Here’s a video of the event: 


Israeli Research and Dev Center, Home to First Microsoft Israel Accelerator, Partners with Georgia Tech and Technion

The Microsoft R&D Center in Israel, through the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, has launched a cooperative effort with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Technion. This cooperation is the first attempt in the world, out of Georgia Tech’s accelerator – Flashpoint – to boost success of startups in an accelerator program using scientific…


This Year's Olympics Will Be App-Ready

You’re probably going to be at work for most of the Olympics, so how are you going to watch the Sychronized Swimming, or without ducking into the break room every fifteen minutes to get your 4X400 hurdles fix? One of our BizSpark members, Intelli-Focus, has come out with an app called the OPlanner, and it…


A Photosynth Look at the First 30 to Launch Windows 8 Workshop

Evangelist Kevin Ashley took this photo. He used the Photosynth app on the Windows phone to document the first Windows 8 App Challenge we put on in San Francisco. We had about 42 people in the room drinking beer, eating pizza and listening to some design lessons that help developers put their ideas into Metro…