Pay With Bits App is BizSpark Member's Times Square Debut

Prateek Gupta went out with his TechCrunch Disrupt team to Times Square and found an unsuspecting vendor to try their BitCoin app on.  Here is the resulting video of Pay With Bits, which got them named in a TechCrunch article last night. Having been a denizen of NYC for five years, Douglas Crets, our community…


Livestream for TechCrunch Disrupt

Feel free to tune in to the TechCrunch Disrupt live stream from afar.  Streaming Live by Ustream


Follow the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Pitches Here

Watch our Microsoft Evangelist team present their app, Play it Forward, which they hacked together in 24 hours at TechCrunch Disrupt.  It’s an app that allows you to give people good karma points for helping you, while keeping track of all the good karma you earn.  They will be presenting in spot 42. If you…


This is the Script the Microsoft Evangelists Used to Pitch their Hack

We got our hands on the script that the Microsoft Evangelists used to pitch their product. This is the original script for their app that helps you collect good karma every time you do something good for someone. I think it would do a fairly good job of really connecting people, by enabling them to…


A Post In Which I Will Almost Surprise You - TechCrunch Disrupt is Coming

Microsoft has some amazing tricks up its sleeve for the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Thing is, I can’t tell you what they are.  I really want to be able to surprise you, and believe me, in a couple of days, I will be able to surprise you. But for now, I can tell…


Live Video: Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York City

There’s nothing quite like the smell of the morning air, or hoisting a decaf latte in the hand, and this new blog post that we’re throwing up live so that you developers out there can watch TechCrunch Disrupt in its entirety. Microsoft is there, along with several of our team members, including Lindsay Lindstrom and…


Jordan Crook and Matt Burns from TechCrunch Probe Hackers for Info About Hackathon

Jordan Crook and Matt Burns walk the line of hackers lined up to get into the NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.  Here’s a video of their interviews. Part red carpet glitz, half laid back hacker slack-mo, this is a good view into what happens in the lovely, glorious glory that is NYC in summer. My friend…