BizSpark Member and DEMO Africa Roundup

It’s time to do a quick roundup of what African entrepreneurs did this past week, while they were building their companies.  DEMO Africa ended on Friday, but that won’t stop us from running our remaining interviews with some of the participants. Big congratulations go to two of our Microsoft BizSpark members, SASA Africa and Flowgear, who both came…


DEMO Africa: Make a Business Plan that Adapts to Tech Changes

DEMO Africa ended on Friday, but that won’t stop us from running our remaining interviews with some of the participants. Before we do that, big congratulations go to two of our Microsoft BizSpark members, SASA Africa and Flowgear, who both came away with the coveted DEMO Lion title out of a field of 40.  In…


DEMO Africa: SASA Builds E-Commerce for the Emerging Billions

Congratulations to SASA Africa, one of five DEMO Lions at DEMO Africa, which wrapped up today in Nairobi. SASA Africa is a BizSpark company managed by Ella Peinovich.  We asked Ella some questions about what it is like being an entrepreneur in Africa, and we are running her interview this morning to celebrate her victory….


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Opens DEMO Africa 2012

She was not there live, but this is the video she sent in to DEMO Africa, which opened very early this morning in Nairobi. She believes, like we do, that innovation in Africa means great things for the rest of the world. Watch the video and if you have any questions about the BizSpark companies…


DEMO Africa Super Stars: Alison Jacobson, CEO, Firestring

Meet Alison Jacobson, CEO of Firestring, one of the DEMO Africa Final 40 set to pitch at the event on October 24-26 in Nairobi.  Here’s her pitch for Firestring, as found on the VC4 Africa site: Firestring is a technology company leading the field of semantic technology leveraging social architecture to radically enhance knowledge management….


DEMO Africa: Natalino Mwenda’s Dream Proves Small Iterations Make Huge Impacts

I’ve never been to Dar Es Salaam, but I imagine that methodologies that spark innovation there will be just as useful in Germany or in Amsterdam. This is especially true when the broadly-based idea that makes virtually all startups alike is that they lack resources, but that their teams are not short of the ideas…


DEMO Africa: Framework One, Doing It In the Cloud in Africa

Here’s an amazing fact about Africa: You can fit nearly all of the land masses of nearly all of the most economically prolific countries in the world INSIDE Africa. See this graphic below, courtesy of a question on Quora. Here’s another mind-blowing fact about Africa. The cloud computing industry is growing massively, and at DEMO…


People Don’t Care About Your Product, They Care About Its Impact On Their Lives

Rather than help a consumer become more efficient, it’s important to help them solve everyday, basic problems in their day. Simple, right? But this is the kind of statement that really bring value to having a mentor. We’d like to introduce another African entrepreneur. Patrick Ndjientcheu, who created DJOSS TV, received some very strong advice…


DEMO Africa: Pieter Nel, CEO, Kuza

Get firsthand information from one of South and East Africa’s up and coming mobile solutions, Kuza Mobile founder Pieter Nel. this guy helped create Africa’s largest social network, and now he’s on to a mobile e-commerce solution that will help entrepreneurs do all the most basic and important functions for launching a business using his…