500 Strong(er) with Microsoft in 2013

Few things in life leave an impression quite like meeting Dave McClure…. The first time we met in person was at Le Web in December 2011. Here we are at Brian Solis’ birthday drinks at the Intercon in Paris, sandwiched between Oren from Mashery and our mutual good pal, 500 Startups mentor and champion coach…


Dave McClure at Startup Organizer Summit: Start With Many Small Experiments, Fail Fast

If you have not read Dave McClure’s thoughts on the 500 Startups business model, stop now, and go read it. If you are maybe looking for a bit of light reading that explains the whole theory, culture and practice of startups and why he does what he does, instead, go to his slide presentation given…


Mountain View Mania Continues

So, last night we had this perfect storm of pitch events, tech meetups, and a wild party in the Microsoft Technology Center. One of our partners, 500 Startups, held their Mexico Demo Day at our BizSpark Lab. It was full on startup day yesterday. Today, Mountain View Mania continues with a live feed of the…


500 Startups Mexican Demo Day Just Happened -- Silicon Valley is a "Spiritual Hub" for Startups Says Cesar Salazar

Great opening launch by Cesar Salazar, who merged Mexican.vc with Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, as he kicked off 500 Startups Mexican Demo Day.   12 startup founders gave their demos at our BizSpark Lab today, and here are a few shots that depict the goings on.  I was sitting in the front row around people like McClure,…


BizSpark Members Make Up 30% of Dave McClure's Fifth Class at 500 Startups

Dave McClure’s 500 startups announced their new class today, and since 9 of those 33 teams are members are BizSpark teams, we have reason to celebrate. Percentage-wise, Microsoft BizSpark members made up nearly 30% of those teams.  Here’s a rundown of those companies, and what they do. Congratulations to the teams.  Cinemacraft – Produces an interactive…


WhoAPI, A Croatian BizSpark Company Gets Investment from 500 Startups

BizSpark company WhoAPI in Croatia just got word they are going to be only the second company in Croatia invested in by 500 Startups, the investment firm and startup accelerator run by Dave McClure. We were alerted to this by Goran Duskic, a friend of ours, and one of the founders of one of the…


Join the New York City 500 Startups Demo Day -- Streaming Today on BizSpark

The best way to get information that can help your startup is to watch Demo Days like the one we’re running right now on this blog for the 500 Startups Demo Day in New York City.  Too bad we can’t be there right now.  500startups on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free