The BizSpark Show Is Helping Startups Scale

When we started The Microsoft BizSpark Show only two short months ago (or maybe it was three months ago) it was a totally unscaleable idea, we thought. The talk around the office was that it was nice to have a TriCaster, and it was great to have a couple of video cameras and a microphone, but many of us looked around at each other and thought, "Well, if we could pull it off, maybe startup developers and founders will tune in and find out what is going on in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world."

Actually, nobody was saying that. I was saying that. I hoped that we could do that. 

And so far, that's happened. We now have over 9,000 followers, which sometimes translates into a lot of viewers, not all watching the BizSpark show at the same time. 

The show is pretty simple in its format. Each week, usually on a Thursday, we talk to a really successful startup founder -- David Sacks, John Borthwick, Dennis Crowley, Denise Terry -- or a bootsrapped developer or founder -- the ladies at Sooligan -- and we ask them questions about how they got started, how they face and solve challenges, and what they generally think is happening in this bubble of a startup world we being entrepreneurs.


Sometimes they tell us great things. When that happens, I hope that people are learning something.

This seems true. Like after we gave an hour long conversation with two PR Pros about how to gain exposure for your startup. People loved it.


Today, we got this tweet from the folks at ExGrip, a team working on a Windows 8 app. We hope you all keep watching.  


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    When we started The Microsoft BizSpark Show solely 2 short months past (or perhaps it absolutely was 3 months ago) it absolutely was a completely unscaleable plan, we thought. The speak round the workplace was that it absolutely was nice to possess a TriCaster,
    and it absolutely was nice to possess a handful of video cameras and a mike, however several people looked around at one another and thought, Well, if we tend to might pull it off, perhaps startup developers and founders can tune up and ascertain what’s occurring
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