The One Word You Don’t Use to Describe Your Mission-Driven Company

Here’s the simple story of how a simple app in the Windows Store gained 10,000 users in just a few short weeks. It’s all about not being perfect. This blog post was written by Douglas Crets, Community Manager of The Microsoft BizSpark Program, a community of 50,000+ startup companies and their founders in 154 countries….


Tracy Lee, CEO, Dishcrawl: Boost Growth Through Strategic Serendipity

We talked to Tracy Lee, CEO of Dishcrawl, a 125-city foodie networking series that works kind of like a pop-up food festival at restaurants around American and Canadian cities. We talked to her today to figure out how she started with no investment and got to a point where she quit her job in the…


The BizSpark Show Is Helping Startups Scale

When we started The Microsoft BizSpark Show only two short months ago (or maybe it was three months ago) it was a totally unscaleable idea, we thought. The talk around the office was that it was nice to have a TriCaster, and it was great to have a couple of video cameras and a microphone,…


There Is No Signal In Your Signal Anymore: Why Startup Marketing Needs a Six Step Social Marketing Methodology

Many of the startups in our 50,000+ membership roll have asked our team for some advice on social media marketing. Many of the founders ask, “How can I get more visibility for my startup?”; “What are some tricks for rapid social media or viral marketing?” Douglas Crets is the Community Manager for Microsoft BizSpark. He…


How Pixsi Reimagines and Transforms the Shopping Experience

Founder and CEO Scott Andrews ( conceived the ideas behind Pixsi ( a few years ago and, together with his team and assistance from the Youngstown Business Incubator in Youngstown, Ohio, built the company that enables this sea-change for the masses. Pixsi ushers in a fundamental change in how people shop and how brands and…


Bringing Volume to Serendipity: BizSpark Grows Under Microsoft Ventures, Germany Opens Microsoft Accelerator to Packed Event

A high-caliber panel of judges chose Spreaker, a digital music sharing service, as the most promising BizSpark startup from Europe, and the People’s Choice Award this year went to Booklikes, a social platform for the curation of books. But the bigger story of the entire day was that Microsoft’s presence in Germany – and their…


Windows 8 Design Principles Simplified Part 3 – Fast and Fluid

Welcome to the ‘Windows 8 design principles for dummies’ series. One of the key reasons for apps being rejected or sent back for fixes is Design. This is a five part series where I will cover five key highlights for each design principle that aims at helping developers build a high quality app. If you…