Instagram Video and Facebook in Asia — We Chat Live with David Weekly, Facebook Developer Advocate

Douglas Crets is talking with David Weekly, Facebook's Developer Advocate for Asia, at 3pm Pacific on livestream.

You might know David from his time at HackerDojo, which he founded. He recently joined Facebook as their new developer advocate for Asia. 

David Weekly is Facebook's new Developer Advocate for Asia. He joins Facebook after an acqui-hire of his most recent company, Gaston Labs. David is the founder of Hacker Dojo, the largest non-profit hackerspace, PBwiki (now PBworks) - the first private wiki host, and Mexican.VC – the first Silicon Valley seed program for Mexican tech companies. David is helping developers worldwide connect with the Facebook Platform, Open Source initiatives, and He graduated as a President Scholar with a Computer Science degree from Stanford University in 2000 and is an award winning startup advisor and author of the Startup Guide to Stock & Options, which has been read by over 300,000 people.

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  1. Matt says:

    You might know David from his time at HackerDojo, which he founded. He recently joined Facebook as their new developer advocate for Asia.

    Matt, my website:

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