Microsoft Germany Offers Co-Working Space to Startups During BizSpark Grand Tour

Great news from Germany. Our BizSpark team in Germany is now offering free co-working space in Berlin, Munich and Koln to startups that are working on building apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.  

From now until June 2013, right before the European BizSpark Summit, we will offer free co-working desks and intense support for startups in three of the well-established co-working locations in Berlin, Munich and Cologne. These three cities represent the hottest spots for software startups in Germany.

Startups will benefit from onsite support through our technical evangelist team, networking with other startups and investors as well as through several workshops and seminars.

If you are running a startups in German, you can get more information and sign up for co-working here

You can also tweet us at @bizspark_de. Use the hashtag #bizsparkde to get our attention, and we will find you a place to rest your laptop at our co-working desks. 


Currently at betahaus in Berlin


At Werk1Munchen in Munich until May 3


Starting May 21 – June 14th, BizSpark will be opening up co-working desks at StartPlatz.


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