Speek No Evil: Meet Speek Co-Founders at TechCrunch Disrupt NY Today

This is part two in a series of blog posts and interviews about Microsoft BizSpark companies that will be presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Here is an interview with John Bracken, CEO and Co-Founder of Speek, one of the easiest teleconferencing apps you will ever use.  This interview was conducted by Neha Bhaskar, SR CHANNEL & ECOSYSTEM Marketing…


Women Who Launch — Meet Maren Kate Donovan of Zirtual and Rebekah Iliff of AirPR

Some of you have probably seen our growing interview series, Startuplandia, where we interview founders, VC investors, and developers in Silicon Valley and the world. We focus on the decisions and the thinking that goes into building up killer products and services that people want to use. And then we also look at the types…


How BizSpark Speaks In Many Countries at Once — It’s About Listening

If you have not seen the work done by the folks at NodeXL, you need to check out how they piece together the fragmented ongoing conversations on the social web and put together very strong graphical images of those conversations. Like this one here.  We believe in keeping the conversation going. We’ve found that for…


What Is the New Ecosystem for Media and Content? John Borthwick of Betaworks Tells All

Great interview with John  Borthwick of Betaworks, who describes the “unusual” structure of Betaworks and where the idea came from.  It’s an evolutionary idea of capital and economies. Essentially, Betaworks is an all-in-one, in-house assembly line for new capital, new economies. Economies at scale can scale.


Pay With Bits App is BizSpark Member’s Times Square Debut

Prateek Gupta went out with his TechCrunch Disrupt team to Times Square and found an unsuspecting vendor to try their BitCoin app on.  Here is the resulting video of Pay With Bits, which got them named in a TechCrunch article last night. Having been a denizen of NYC for five years, Douglas Crets, our community…


Why Hackers Win

This was a great tweet. Madelena Mak wins Best Windows Hack at TechCrunch Disrupt, despite lack of resources. Projector didn’t work and switched to camera in last second decision. Still win Best Windows app at @techcrunch #hackdisrupt. What a day. — Madelena Mak (@MadelenaMak) April 29, 2013


Livestream for TechCrunch Disrupt

Feel free to tune in to the TechCrunch Disrupt live stream from afar.  Streaming Live by Ustream


May 2 Live Chat with Yu-kai Chou, Entrepreneur and Gamification Expert

Yu-kai Chou is an experienced Entrepreneur as well as a Gamification Consultant & Speaker. He has been a regular speaker/lecturer on Gamification at organizations like Stanford University, Google Inc., The Internet Marketing Conference, Draper Richards Retreat, UCLA, UBC Sauders School of Business and many more. He will be talking with us live on May 2,…


M Is For … The Death of Marketing?

There is something strange and beguiling about startup marketing. On the one hand, you shouldn’t have to do any marketing at all, right? After all, your product sells and distributes itself by being functional, consumer-centric, or specific to the enterprise problem it solves. You shouldn’t HAVE to tell anyone interesting about your product, because all…


Should You Work For a Startup That Displays Market Apathy?

Have you ever thought about market apathy? This is my phrase for a startup founder, or team, that is so focused on product that they forget or do not consider the emotional choices of the market they want to serve.  How can this be true? It’s a lot truer than you think.  This post was…