Share Video at SXSW, We’ll Put Some of Them on the Blog


Below you will find the automatically uploaded videos that were captured at SXSW.


The team at BizSpark knows that mobile video is the thing this year. So, to make it even more a thing, our evangelist  team asked Chicago-based startup, Sparkreel if we could use their app to promote the awesome stuff that is happening at SXSW.

So, if you have a Windows / Android / iphone, download the app or sign up via the window below, and enable an awesome experience for everyone attending SXSW. You will be able to share your videos of the tragically hip on the go, and when it comes to eating food at our MeatUp barbecue party in downtown Austin, you can share your favorite vid of your favorite developer getting sloppy with the ribs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Capture a video moment at SXSW – cool booth, new technology/gadget, great keynote, street madness, concert action, anything!


  1. 1-step mobile sharing – email the video straight from your smartphone to and make the subject line the video’s title. That’s all it takes!


To quickly register your username and share past SXSW video moments, click the JOIN button on the Reel below: 

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  1. Hass says:

    Nice app, I will consider downloading it from Google Play since I am using Android OS.">

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