Bodeefit Brings Fitness to Your Form Factor

In a world where obesity is killing thousands of people a day in the world, it’s almost joyous to hear that there are startups and app builders out there trying to use any means necessary to create the simplest apps to defeat life-threatening lifestyles and habits. The folks at Bodeefit,one of the BizSpark teams I…


Infotron: Felienne Hermans Embraces Errors, Shows How to Solve the Spreadsheets Problem

Felienne Hermans is proof that it’s possible to start a successful company while still a student.  Two years ago, Netherlands-based Felienne started applying her research on spreadsheets to build Infotron. And now the company is not only generating revenue, it can count among its customers impressive names such as PWC, ING and KLM.  The concept…


Tech Cocktail This Week: A Lesson in Humility

Every week we show you something that was amazing in TechCocktail., one of our partners. Here’s this week’s example, a talk on humility by David Crenshaw, a business coach. 


What Is The Future Of Mobile When You Don’t Find a Killer App at SXSW?

We have friends who are into the mobile experience. When we were in Austin, we saw this dude shooting video and interviewing mobile developers about their take on the mobile space. The video that came out of that explores the future of mobile in the absence of “the next big app” and also captures the…


Festomat Made It Possible for You To Get Into Launch 2013 This Year

Thanks to Jason Calacanis and his Launch team for letting Festomat use its software to help check people into the conference this year. Here is a video showing this BizSpark team proving to thousands of attendees that their NFC-enabled software on Windows Phones can handle massive traffic and then provide a swarm of crowd data…


Realty Mogul Closes $500,000 Round from Zillow Board Members and Serial Entrepreneurs

Realty Mogul, an online, equity crowdfunding platform for real estate is going live today and already has its first success story.  AH Capital, a real estate investment company in Los Angeles, raised $110,000 using Realty Mogul’s revolutionary platform for real estate fundraising.  The money was raised while Realty Mogul was in private beta and is…


First-Ever EU AppCup Competition Yields Windows 8 Innovations

If the discussions over the coffee breaks were any indication, delegates at the annual IAMCP Summit in Brussels all seemed to agree it was a great success, but for me the highlight was the first-ever EU AppCup competition. This post was written by Soha Hohnecker, Software Startup Lead at Microsoft. Taking place on the second…


500 Strong(er) with Microsoft in 2013

Few things in life leave an impression quite like meeting Dave McClure…. The first time we met in person was at Le Web in December 2011. Here we are at Brian Solis’ birthday drinks at the Intercon in Paris, sandwiched between Oren from Mashery and our mutual good pal, 500 Startups mentor and champion coach…


Dave McClure at Startup Organizer Summit: Start With Many Small Experiments, Fail Fast

If you have not read Dave McClure’s thoughts on the 500 Startups business model, stop now, and go read it. If you are maybe looking for a bit of light reading that explains the whole theory, culture and practice of startups and why he does what he does, instead, go to his slide presentation given…