This Open World MMORPG Is One of BizSpark’s New Gaming Startups in Italy

Meet DiXidiaSoft's newest creation, Realms of Swordfall, a MMORPG. They are our first online gaming company in Italy. 

Right now they host their gaming servers on Azure, as well as some of their internal management tools, but they have not fully launched yet. For now, we will have to wait to play. 

According to Siro Toracchio, Founder, CEO & Project Manager:  

"The graphics engine is massively using DirectX (9 and 11), and the tool used to build [the game] is mainly Visual Studio 2012. We're building it, and also planning to sell it in future to developers. Also the scripting language for the engine will be mainly C#, and the external development tools are all built with the .NET framework."

To  get a preview, check out this video demo they made. It's a pretty stunning world. Imagine what it will be like when it's filled up with demons, orcs, dragons and flying swords. 

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