How Startup Weekend Played Out — The Tweets, Pics, and Video Demos Your Parents Warned You About

There was a rush of Startup Weekend events this weekend. Here are a few of the tweets, photos and videos that came in during the events. We love seeing how fast these teams work together to create businesses, hacks, and usable stuff. 

The pitches were just about to begin in Kirkland:


One of the teams at Startup Weekend Ottawa created a pager app that lets you call everyone you need to when your wife is having her baby. It's called PreggoPager: 


Developer Evangelist Marc Gagne points out that BizSpark once again steps up to the fore and sponsors one of the most productive weekend coding and business developing events in the startup world. 


Some great folks at Startup Weekend Ottawa:


 Startup Weekend Kirkland UFOs spotted:


Startup Weekend in Kirland Live Stream:


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