Are You Ready to Think Next? Steve Ballmer and More will be in Tel Aviv Next Week

The Microsoft Research and Development Center Israel is hosting a new edition of Think Next starting Monday, November 5, and one of the highlights will be a keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. In it, he sits down and talks to Avi Hasson, Israel's Chief Scientist. The guys in Israel decided they make it a bit interactive, so they've issued this challenge on Facebook. What would you ask Steve Ballmer? If the team likes the question, your question will be given to Ballmer during Think Next. 

There's much more. Demo fest - Great demos from startups and Microsoft labs, including Windows 8 devices. So, if there are stories you have been waiting to here about, then Think Next will be one of the places for you to get firsthand experience with the building of those apps. 

There's also the Best ways to Think Next, featuring Prof. Dan Shechtman, Peter Molyneux, Eyal Gever & Sharon Eyal. 

We are also hosting a live Mobli Channel. This will ensure a live video stream of the event, in case you can't make it to Tel Aviv. Mobli is a BizSpark company, by the way.

During the event we will twt and post real time updates and news from the event, so make sure you follow us on Twitter with the #TN12 hashtag. 

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