A Hawk, A Lion, and a Bull All Step Up to a Digital Interactive Display and Make Advertising Interactive

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. It’s actually just a promotion for a startup that uses busy intersections and photo-taking kiosks to promote brands using digital / social campaigns. On busy Michigan Avenue in Chicago stands one of those digital kiosk promoting a bank.  It’s an effort by Elevate Digital to make location-aware…


“We are not a Microsoft Shop and I Know Very Little .NET” – How Distil Uses Windows Azure to Make Their Services Smarter

At the recent Foundercon, the private networking event hosted by TechStars, I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew Stein, VP of Development at Distil and an alumni of TechStars Cloud Accelerator. Written by Allan Da Costa Pinto. Allan is a Technical Evangelist who works with startups and software developers in the northeastern US to build apps…


The 54 Hour Journey — Startup Weekend Kirkland

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Steve Seow takes us through the 54 hours of glory that go into doing a Startup Weekend and coming out of it with something awesome.  And if no product, at least a bunch of great friends. You can get in touch with Steve on Twitter @SteveSeow. 


Embedding at Stanford: Microsoft Teams Jump Into the Fray at Startup Weekend

Very few things in the Silicon Valley tech scene are more refreshing than observing a group of gung ho, disruption-focused Stanford students waiting to share their idea to a group of 150 of the best and the brightest. But Microsoft was born this way, so, when we sponsored the last Startup Weekend at Stanford, we…


What is the Startup Weekend Global Startup Battle?

Developers have been asking me about what Microsoft BizSpark will do to get more developers and startup people together around the world. Well, it turns out our partners at Startup Weekend have more than we had bargained for. I didn’t know what it was, but I kept seeing this awesome graphic about the Global Startup…