Meet a Microsoft BizSpark Ambassador: Manoj Nathwani, Founder of Price Trakker at 17

My name is Manoj Nathwani and I founded Price Trakker when I was 17. Price Trakker is basically like a price comparison website. However, instead of tracking prices and feeding the data to the consumer like you or me - the data is fed to the actual company as a B2B service. This means if you are someone who sells digital cameras online, Price Trakker will track your online competitors prices for products and feed you the information to allow you to make price changes to your own website to beat your competitors. This is an amazing new startup, which has really taken off as it very quickly pays for itself by increasing the profitability of our customers by letting them know their competitors prices. We do not use any social media as customers are given a NDA so that their competitors don’t know they are being tracked - otherwise this would defeated the purpose on "spying" on your competitors in the first place!

You may have read about Manoj before. He was profiled in an MSN blog post about his young startup

We asked Manoj where we can follow him on social networks, and this is what he told us: 

My company doesn't have any social media presence as we are a B2B company, another thing to note is that customers use our service under a NDA so that their competitors don't know they are using our service

I do, however, use my own personal twitter account to advertise Price Trakker  as well as my Facebook profile

I am an active user of my Brunel University Entrepreneurs group 

Also I am a member of Entrepreneurs In London group.

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