Prevent Bureaucratic Snafus with ID2Doc, a Bulgarian Disruption

A startup founder in Bulgaria is trying to make it easier for you to transfer information from ID and other public record documents to paperwork, so that you don't make costly mistakes that waste your time, and get bureaucrats all in a kerfluffle. 
This interview is from one of our ambassadors in Europe, Dimitar Georgiev, who runs SourceRealms

Martin Kulov is MVP and Regional Director. He has helped many startup companies in Bulgaria (including mine as well) to join BizSpark. Martin is a judge in Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. He is also one of the organizers of DevReach ( For the last couple of months, Martin has been building a product called ID2Doc.

Dimitar: How did you decide to start ID2Doc? Was the idea first or you decided that it is time to start something on your own?

Martin: I felt that i am finishing work with my previous company. I had an idea for this product since couple of years. We went to seed and accelerator fund called LAUNCHub, they really liked it and invested some money, so we decided to “launch” it.

Dimitar: What exactly is ID2Doc?

Martin: It is a product to automate data entry from personal ID documents into various line of business applications. This product will provide easy integration and will be very affordable. I also personally had some problems with wrong information copied from my ID card. These kind of problems might cost a lot of time and money.

Dimitar: If you can choose a mentor who that would be?

Martin: I would choose Stephen Forte who has great experience into running startups and has a broad view of today’s economy.
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