It’s DEMO Time

DEMO Fall starts this week and as before, the Microsoft BizSpark team is heading to Santa Clara with a group of BizSpark Startups and our friends from Startup America. DEMO serves as a launchpad for companies, helping them secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters.


Microsoft BizSpark teamed up with DEMO to offer select scholarships to DEMO Fall 2012 for startups to launch their venture: four lucky companies will be delivering a six-minute pitch on stage this week, and a total of twelve startups will be exhibiting in the BizSpark pavilion. Recipients of the scholarships for DEMO Fall have innovative solutions for Cloud, Mobile, Consumer, Enterprise and Infrastructure. We’ll be announcing the companies tomorrow. Stay tuned.  


DEMO also makes a launchpad available to innovators at America’s finest colleges and universities through its Student Alpha Pitch program. Full scholarships have been provided by the Microsoft BizSpark team to ten deserving individuals and groups with meaningful new technologies ready for debut at DEMO Fall 2012. to the worldwide DEMO audience. These very early stage ventures and ideas are always well-received by the DEMO audience and Alpha Pitches at DEMO Fall 2012 will no doubt continue to inspire and entertain. Watch out for more information are they are unveiled on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and appear in the DEMO pavilion.

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