Connecting BizSpark Members to a Billion People: New Windows Store and Windows Phone Marketplace Offer

EDIT: Many people have been asking why they need to pay to get access to the Store.  You do not have to pay money for this code. Users who want the code to get free access to the store must first activate their MSDN account to get this code.  We apologize for any misunderstanding. 

To celebrate startups and to make it easier to build for Windows 8, the BizSpark team from today onward will waive the subscription fee for Windows Store and offer you a one year Windows Store Developer Account.

These new offers that are exclusively given to members of the BizSpark program is our demonstration of a commitment to startups.  We are also changing the terms and requirements for becoming a member of BizSpark, extending the entry level requirement age of new startpus from three years old to five years old. More on that in a bit.

How about those Windows Store and Windows Phone Marketplace deals? 

Even our Microsoft Developer Evangelists are building Windows 8 apps. Like GUT, from Developer Evangelist Reza Alizadeh. 

Windows Store

We know you’re excited about building Windows 8 apps and we’re excited to announce the Windows Store is now open for app submissions from all developers – including all BizSpark startups – in our supported markets, and we’ve added 89 more app submission markets! The Windows Store is ready for you to join today.  To make it an especially great day, the subscription fee is waived for startups in the BizSpark program!  BizSpark members now get a free, 1-year Windows Store developer account.

Please visit the Windows Store Blog for full details - the dev tools are free, the SDK is ready, and we have a ton of great supporting content to help you build your app and submit it for Store certification. Sign up now, reserve your app names, and we’d love to publish your app in the Store in time for general availability of Windows 8 on October 26.


Windows Phone Marketplace

BizSpark members can now receive a one-time, 12 month developer account to the Windows Phone Dev Center. It’s got everything you need to create great apps for Windows Phones and make them available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for customers to see, try and buy. The subscription also includes your own personal dashboard to track your apps and your earnings. Take the video tour to see what’s new! Sign up today – simply go to the benefit overview page to get your promo code and start the registration process. Note: Availability varies by market.


New age limit criteria

Effective immediately, more startups than ever will get access to Microsoft BizSpark. Today, we are expanding the age eligibility criteria from three years old to five years old. This means that a startup who is currently less than 5 years old, making less than US $1M annually, privately held and developing software, is eligible for a three-year membership in BizSpark!

Is your startup 4 or 5 years old and you thought you didn’t qualify? You do now! Join today at

To learn more about these and the many other benefits of the Microsoft BizSpark program, please visit

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