This is the Script the Microsoft Evangelists Used to Pitch their Hack

We got our hands on the script that the Microsoft Evangelists used to pitch their product. This is the original script for their app that helps you collect good karma every time you do something good for someone. I think it would do a fairly good job of really connecting people, by enabling them to interact in physical space with their phones. Their Windows 8 phones. 

John is John Alioto, and Helen is Helen Zeng, a new evangelist on the Silicon Valley team.

Here's their pitch for Play it Forward, a gamified good karma generator and social help app for Windows Phone. 


What did you ever do to change the world? You may have already made a bigger impact than you realize. Play It Forward is way to track the impact you make and have fun doing it!


Earlier today I helped someone start their car and he asked me how he could repay the debt, I simply said “Play it forward.”  We tap devices and the karmic debt was transferred, increasing my good karma and indebting him.  That one action will allow me to track the impact of my deed.

This companion app allows me to track the action and its exponential impact. Here on the main screen, we show the good deeds around our location. Here’s my scores, my badges.  If we drill down into one deed, we can see when it happened, how many points it’s worth, and a graph of the impact that it’s had.


The more good deeds you do, the more badges you collect and the more achievements.  For those of you who think you can get out of helping others, we have badges and achievements just for you.

Sponsored achievements and user analytics offer rich opportunities for monetization.

Facebook got people sharing, Twitter got people talking, Play it forward will get people helping.

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