Startup Washington Launches in Seattle

The BizSpark team joined over 300 entrepreneurs and regional leaders for the official launch of Startup Washington!  Special attendees included Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Startup America Board Member Pamela Contag and Director of the Department of Commerce for the State of Washington, Rogers Weed.

This blog post was written by Midori Lawler

Startup Washington is a part of the Startup America Partnership, an organization building a national community for entrepreneurs. They are the voice of amplification of the Entrepreneurial Community of Washington State with the mission of building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting high-growth, job creating startup companies.

Startups in Washington can join Startup Washington to connect with other entrepreneurs, customers and organizations, be a part of special contests, giveaways and events, and  get discounts on business expenses such as airline tickets and shipping. Join today at



Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn shares his thoughts on the impact of entrepreneurism and the local Seattle economy.


Lindsay Andreotti and Lara Merriam-Smith, co-chairs, officially launch Startup Washington!


Pamela Contag, board member, talks about her involvement with the Startup America Partnership.

Members of the BizSpark team celebrate the launch of Startup America!

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    I’m Gurubijak, the co-founder of Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture, and I have lived with multiple sclerosis for nearly 40 years. I had my first MS attack in 1971, but wasn’t diagnosed until two years later when I lost permanent sight in my left eye. In those days,
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