Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure — The Israeli Demo Day Edition

Yesterday, about 40 VC / Angels showed up to the Microsoft Silicon Valley headquarters, and listened and interacted with a few Israeli startups that are a part of the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure running in the Israeli 

Here are some notes taken from Laura Wigod, who curates some of the news and blogging information for the Microsoft BizSpark community.

VCs advice to companies pitching:

  1. Show your product, not a screenshot.
  2. Make your pitch creative. You need to find a way to stand out.
  3. Show the investors how they are going to make money off of your idea.


The Pitches



Presenter:  Tal Shoham


Online event planning – create a web page for your event that brings speakers, marketing, collateral and social media under one roof

“Social is the new standard”

(Note: the shot on screen in her photo is a photo of her younger self in one of her first gigs as a meeting planner – for her mom)



Presenter: Ophir Zardok


Increasing event ticket sales through social engagement – a Facebook app for promoting events – see where your friends are seated – send them invites

“Creating social explosions”


Presenter: Omri Shor


Phone app to remind you to take your medication – when you take your medication, you update your app or call in – if you don’t, a call goes out to one of the loved ones you have listed who can then check in on you

Idea came up after founder’s father accidentally double-dosed his insulin. (He is fine now, btw.)

(Personal Note: I think this is a really great idea. But I think they should create a website, too – for all the people in rural areas without cell phone coverage.)



Presenter: - Gal Rotem


360 degree product viewer – allowing anyone to create 360 degree views of products they are selling online – they also plan on creating a stock image library, so if Store A shoots a Jill Spade bag, Store B can purchase the image, rather than shoot it themselves


Presenter: Gal Frenkel


Back office cloud service


Presenter: Yael Givon (did the talking) and Gil Rimon (ran the presentation)

Content aggregator aimed at teens/young adults that creates an online “tv show” from your social media feeds

They are a husband/wife team and new parents to a 4-month old


Designed to help determine whose twitter handles you should follow

Photo below is of Zach Weisfeld, Senior Director of Business Development and Strategy, ILDC


“Turning a natural behavior into a social process” - “natural behavior” referring to the now ubiquitous pose of people holding their cell phones aloft at events – Vidit allows multiple attendees of events to upload their individual videos and then create new video using all of the uploaded video footage – allowing users to choose the best angles and audio tracks – or they can let Vidit do it automatically

(Note: My personal favorite pitch – the one I wished I could play with right away – I think it would be fun to get a bunch of friends to lip sync to a song and then use Vidit to edit the final video)

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