Customer Service and Support: A Reason to Party

You wouldn't think that launching a Twitter handle for BizSpark support was worthy of a party, but that's just what we're going to do. Well, in our heads, we will. 

There are so many requests for applications -- literally thousands each month -- and we are launched in over 125 countries, globally, that we decided it would be best to help you 24/7 (or as close to that as possible) by being available to you on Twitter.  We have been overwhelmed (in a good way) with all your requests for support, your really great questions, and your very much appreciated offers of your own assistance as members of our community. 

So, we are doing the right thing. From now on, if you have questions, support issues, or if you are curious about your pending application, or you want just to help and to have a your opinions heard, you can tweet to @bzsupport, and you will be heard. Someone will respond to you. 

How's that for customer service?

You can continue to use @BizSpark as the Twitter handle you use to offer us great ideas on links to share with the community, to introduce us to other people, and to genuinely show your affection. You know we will be showing it right back. 

In other news, it's worth checking out some of the recent interviews we have done with BizSpark members and Israeli startups who were here during the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure Demo Day. They were in Silicon Valley yesterday to pitch their products and tour around the Valley. 

There was Atav, and RotaryView, as well as Vidit and Evolero. And don't forget Stevie.

And coming up is MediaCamp Demo Day. These guys are rock stars. 

MediaCamp is an accelerator program sponsored by Turner Broadcasting, which helps media-focused startups get the legs under their highly tractionable businesses.

The folks there will be tweeting from @themediacamp Twitter handle on September 12, and will be using the hashtag #mcdemoday to track the conversation. 

We will be running a series of MediaCamp founder interviews on this blog.  Here's a sneak peek, though, with MediaCamp startup founder Daniel Odio, who runs Socialize.

Startups @ Media Camp


Chute ( | @getchute)

Chute's platform enables publishers, brands, and app developers to seamlessly add any photo or video functionality to their apps or sites. Chute handles the entire backend from uploading, image processing, and API integrations, to features like moderation, commenting, and sharing.


Matcha ( | @matchaTV)

Matcha is the easiest way to find the best Movies and follow your favorite TV Shows across digital video services such as Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and more, in one place. Matcha's guide goes beyond aggregating 200,000 premium titles and adds rich social elements and a proprietary recommendation engine to create a robust, personalized video experience.


Showbucks ( | @Mike_Yuen)

Showbucks develops fun and engaging apps that combine social video with social games.


Socialize ( | @Socialize)

Socialize believes people strongly influence each other even when they aren't 'friends.' Anyone who shares a common interest is influenced by others with that same interest. Socialize is creating a social platform that can predict user intent by mapping an interest graph across users and content.


SocialSamba ( | @SocialSamba)

SocialSamba is the leading social storytelling platform, enabling fans to "friend" their favorite fictional characters, and experience personalized stories with them.  SocialSamba has served more than half a million scripted social experiences to fans.


Switchcam ( | @switchcam)

Switchcam creates interactive video experiences that allow the viewers to direct the show. By syncing and combining fan footage with professional footage, fans can experience events, concerts and sporting games like never before.




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