MediSafe Project: Starting a Tech Business is More Challenging Than Learning to Fly

We asked Israeli startup MediSafe Project to teach us something about what it means to work on a startup. As it turns out, the entrepreneur lifestyle is very challenging.  According to MediSafe founder 

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What have you learned about managing a technological business that you would pass on to the next generation?

That’s probably one of the most dynamic thing you can do, except flying a plane (did it too).

What was the most difficult challenge your business faced this year?

We are raising our seed round. Challenge not ended yet…

How do you know when you are failing in product development and how do you make a correction – do you make the decision on your own, or do you consult your team?

The people that decide if you are on the right way to the right solution are your clients. I ask them if my product is good for them or not yet…

What signals from your consumers do you look for to signify that you are winning?

Engagement. Will release beta soon and that’s the leading parameter.

When you need to ask questions on your team, who do you go to? Who do you usually turn to outside of your organization to ask questions?

In the team, that's my partner and brother, Rotem. Outside - one of the mentors, depending on the question and their skills.

Who would you like to be your mentor, and what would you ask him or her?

A person that’s not afraid to ask difficult questions.

Who is your mentor, and what was the last great thing he or she told you and your team?

Michael Cheifetz, saying "I challenge you to meet 5 investors by…". Shira Abel, saying "Israel is not a test market, Find out how to get to the States, FAST"

What has overjoyed you in the past month?

The big progress in the product.

Who inspired you the most this week, and why?

Not easy to inspire me…

When was the last time you fell in love with a product?

This week, the Nexus 7 by Google. AMAZING

What does something in your business vertical need in order for the product to be successful?

We're getting there: US healthcare needs a revolution.

What came first for your company – the product idea or your existence on the internet?

The idea

Is the lean startup process a type of marketing, or is marketing different from customer and product development? How does your company utilize next generation marketing techniques?

We have installed several viral hooks in to the product. Now we're waiting to launch to see how it works.

Has starting your own company provided any answers about your life? Have you discovered something about yourself that you didn’t know before?

I have the ability to persuade people to join me, and that’s a big thing. Found out that I can see flaws in product design fast (and able to fix them). 

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