Investors at Microsoft Silicon Valley to Experience Demo Day with Israeli Startups September 6

Today is the first ever Microsoft Accelertor for Windows Azure -- Israel  Demo Day. 

Today, dozens of investors and startups from Israel come to Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View to experience pitches from some dudes and dudettes who have flown over 8,000 miles to experience the deep connections we have with the Valley. Here is a Twitter list of all of the entrepreneurs who are presenting. Be sure to follow it all day to keep in touch with them. 

We've invited the few dozen investors and some friends from Startup Land to listen to the pitches and drill down into the mechanics of the business models of these Israeli companies. To give you some context (though admittedly not that much), here is a video that explains why these hot startups are piling into the accelerator, based in Tel Aviv, and run by Microsoft evangelist Hanan Levy.

This research and development center project in Tel Aviv has also recently inked a deal with Georgia Tech to help train Accelerator participants in innovation thinking. 

Here's a brief list of some of the companies presenting, and, when available, their Twitter handles.  You can follow the entire conversation today on Twitter at #MSaccelIL and #bzIsrael.  You can follow #BizSpark for all Microsoft BizSpark related items. If you have every considered running your own startup and if you would like to be given free software and support, you should sign up for the three year program at Microsoft BizSpark.  As long as you are developing web and mobile software, are less than three years old, and making less then one million in revenue, you will be considered.  


Tal Shoham:
























Evento Twitter  

Ophir's Twitter 



Over the course of the next two days, we are going to go a little deeper than a general showcase of some of these startups. We thought we would let you get more connected to them by publishing some of their brief memoirs. By brief, I mean a couple of paragraphs about their experience starting up a company in Israel, arguably one of the hottest startup capitals in the world. 

Keep coming back to this blog post, because we will be adding the links to this post over the week after September 6. We will also post some live photos of the event on Twitter and Facebook. 

Here are some of the companies presenting, with a description of what they do:

  • Evolero helps offer your conference community a powerful experience, through a social conference website you can easily setup and manage. The platform provides a way to manage registration, contents and community in one place, designed to maximize your event branding, marketing and sales.


  • Evento is a platform for event organizers to help them promote over social media, increasing ticket sales and exposure.


  • MediSafe offers a simple solution for people to track their medication consumption. To meet the needs of a variety of customers from children to the elderly, they created a smart phone app as well as a low tech Medication Tracking Card. In 2008, 700,000 people in the U.S. has had an emergency due to over consumption of medication.


  • Rotary View makes 360° photography available to enterprises and e-commerce. Utilizing an online SaaS platform, simply upload the photos and moments later, the user has a 360° product presentation that turns shoppers into buyers and leads to increased sales. Check out the video to see the results.


  • Durados is a metadata management system that provides an out-of-the-box business application solution with almost no-coding, fast, solid and attractive.


  • Stevie turns your Facebook and Twitter feeds into your own TV channel. Stevie leverages your social graphs creating a whole new social TV experience that's personal and social across platforms. Check out the video for an overview.


  • Vidit is a social web platform for the recreation of events using crowd source video. Using a unique video synchronization algorithm they developed, Vidit collects videos taken by many people at a single event, synchronizes and edits them into one video that depicts the event from its beginning to its end. A musical concert, for example, is probably the best use case. Fans take videos all the time, but most of the time the video is from the same angle, shaky or even just sounds bad. We take all these small clips and combine them into one video with a higher value.


  • Twtrland helps great products succeed through the power of social media. They connect businesses with social media influencers in their space. generates long term profiles of twitter users, launched Aug 2011, and currently serving 0.5M users per month. Their unique technology enables target audiences identification per analysis of interest segments and influence based on actual shared content and activity.


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