Join Our Live Facebook Chat at 10am PST, Wednesday, August 29 Daniel Jebaraj, Co-Founder of Syncfusion

Join us Wednesday, 10am PST as we talk to Syncfusion co-founder Daniel Jebaraj about the perils and promises of building your own tech company.  Here is your chance to ask questions of a technical co-founder of a successful tech company.  Join the BizSpark Facebook page and then leave your questions for us to ask, or join us on the day and ask them yourself in the comments section of the chat.

You will find many new people to chat with, and answers to your questions about startup funding, finding partners, and building a tech infrastructure for your business. Our first live question and answer session on our Facebook page will be held at 10am PST, and you can join that chat by signing up now.  Here is the registration page, which is hosted on the Facebook page. If you have misgivings about signing up on Facebook, but want your questions to be answered, you can leave the questions in the comment sections. You will notice, by the way, we are now using Disqus as a commenting system.

Hear his advice on commercialization, the best ways to manage growth, effectively scaling your product and what you need to ask yourself before deciding to take outside funding. Come ready to share the questions that you lose sleep over and the challenges that are giving you gray hairs.

Come ask questions of Daniel Jebaraj, VP and Co-Founder of Syncfusion.  Here's a brief bio:

As Vice President, Daniel Jebaraj leads Syncfusion's Product Development. Daniel oversees overall product development and plans for specific releases. By actively engaging with customers, Daniel ensures that each new product improves based on customer feedback. Previously, as Vice President of Development, Daniel focused on driving product development at Syncfusion. Before joining Syncfusion in 2001, Daniel managed development teams at Rogue Wave Software.
Daniel holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University.

You can see the Syncfusion offers here

If you are not a member of Microsoft BizSpark, a global community that supports entrepreneurs working on the web, you can sign up here.

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