How Someone Took 36 Different Mars Images and Put a Pano on TourWrist

We hope the Mohawk Guy at NASA sees this.  Steve Perry at DEMO Spring 2012 Winner TourWrist has taken 36 separate images from the Mars Curiosity Rover and made a lovely pano that we are showing you here: 

Perry built a panorama image made from NASA's Mars Rover's self-image taken on August 5 by stitching together all the different frames taken by one of Curiosity's cams when it sent home an image to show the crew at NASA it had landed safely. The result is now on the TourWrist app and looks like this

Writes Perry:

"When building a panorama with NASA images, the first order of business is patience. Even though my working frames were shot during Sol 2 (Martian mission day two), all 36 full resolution frames were not transmitted by the rover until over a week later. (This is thanks to the whopping Mars-Earth data bandwidth constraints of 128 kbps! Separate thumbnails do make it down sooner, so you do know what you can eventually count on.)"
Want the full story on how he did that? This is how.
Image: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)-CA Institute of Technology (Caltech)/Cornell/Arizona State University/Steve Perry
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