The Last Mile Does Not Give Up on the Forgotten

This video details the very first startup Demo Day at San Quentin Prison, the very first to ever happen in a California State Correctional Facility. 

Could this start a new economy? Could we see a new trend where people who really do want to fund new jobs, and new ways of making money, actually invest in a group of people whose ideas could change their cities, the country, and the world? Those in prison, some of them at one time serving life sentences, are being taught how to work with technology and build a company without access to the Internet, so that they can help their communities as they return to society.

According to Beverly Parenti, Co-founder of The Last Mile, "We teach business principles, technology, social media, and entrepreneurship skills to a very select group of men. Our mission is to increase post release success and reduce recidivism."

It's unclear if participation in the program enables the men to return to society, of if they were already granted this permission and then found the program. In any case, it's an inspiring few moments of video for your early morning or evening, depending on where you are in the world.

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