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We've been engaged in a little bit of diplomacy lately. Claire Lee, who is in charge of partnerships for the Emerging Business Team that houses BiZSpark, is in Washington, DC today at the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum discussing how to make connections to the diaspora community. The people who move to other countries from their own countries end up being amazing channels for market information, remittances, and the formation of new business. They are activists, says Claire. She is right. 

They move more than the mental and emotional mountains it takes to dislodge from the warm confines of a natural home. They end up changing entire economies. In a global environment, those changes, aggregated are literally life-changing:

These connections lead to an estimated $95.8 billion in remittances to ‘countries of origin’ in 2010. Many businesses founded by immigrant entrepreneurs form part of a rich diaspora community in the US. These entrepreneurs and small-business owners are activists: they form strong connections and have extended networks, they transmit and spread information, provide resources in their country of residence/for their country of origin. They have knowledge of market trends, and often influence trade and investment, well placed to see new opportunities and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs with the same cultural ties.

No joke.

This is one of the reasons we have partnerships with institutions (even really young ones) like Startup America. The workforce, the digital consumption market, the future of innovation is global and there are no homes, per se. There are only nesting pads along the globe for a highly mobile tribe of international people. 

We were just in Australia at Imagine Cup checking this out in person. 

here's a great video on The Global Impact of Entrepreneurs.

Wonderful, full color video. Wonderful, full color life on the frontlines of entrepreneurs.

Here's the thing: as our mobile devices, cloud innovations, touch-first interfaces and the ease of mediums becomes more prevalent, it will become easier and easier to make things. When you make things, you make a future. When you make a future, you help people. When you help people, they can make a future, and then they can help people. You see where this is going. We are geared to help. Technology makes it so. I'm heading over now to the Founder Showcase to listen in on eight new founders I have never heard of, look for pictures later.

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