Founder Showcase Only Three Days Away — Meet Windows 8

If you are sitting hunched over your laptop trying to disrupt, you are probably not only puzzling out coding problems, but from a business angle you are trying to figure out how to crack the funding cipher.

Every once in a while great events come along where people devote hours of sincere conversation and efforts helping people figure out what they need to do to succeed in the building of their companies. Founder Showcase is one of those.

We're pretty lucky to have the Showcase come to Microsoft this year. At the showcase, eight very early stage founders are going to take the stage at an exclusive pitching and context event in Silicon Valley. I wanted to tell you about it, and show you the types of things you can look forward to if  you come. This is the place to come for the under-hyped and the off the radar.

And to spice it up, we are going to have some Windows 8 people pre-event, going through the ins and outs of Windows 8 metro design. Sign up for that, here

It's happening. The Founder Showcase is coming to Microsoft's Mountain View campus. I'm going to be there, and I hope you are going to be there. Here are some videos from the last Founder Showcase. They'll give you an idea of what things happen there. 

From Visigoths -- Itembase was the winning pitch at the 10th Founder Showcase. Watch as they use the Viking theme to present their e-commerce solution

To Mark Suster --

If famous investors and really great pitches are not for you, then certainly the definitive catalog of venture capital resources for entrepreneurs should do it. 

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