Microsoft Accelerator: Seattle Pretty Much Just Blew Up With Startup Goodness

Whew. That's over. That was some crazy Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect Business that just went down last week. Here's a review of it, if you have not seen anything about the eleven companies that demo'd their work at the Demo Day on Friday. 

Step into the Realm

Links and pictures for your entertainment -- we will add more as they filter in. If you have any links to these that you would like to share, put them in the comments. Or send them to our Facebook Page for BizSpark.

Microsoft helps businesses get into the funding stream with Kinect Accelerator

Kinect engineers compete for funding and attention at the Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day (BBC)

Video footage of demo day from Microsoft

Kinect Demo Day Offers Lots of Options for VCs 

Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect: Meet the Companies

Video coverage of Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect startup FreakNGenius (warning, loud blaring ad roll footage first)

What Kinect means to me -- a look at the poetry of machines

How Jintronix went from complicated to Kinect in their search for a stereoscopic solution

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  1. There is a youtube channel, and it was listed in these links, VJ.Net.

    You needed to read one of the links to get there, sorry if that was not clear enough.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why isn't there a youtube channel ? can you plz provide one for accelarator programs ?

  3. Parabens pela contribuição.

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