Virtual Windows 8 Building: Workshops on June 14

Some of you may have heard about the live workshops we are doing for developers in Seattle and San Francisco. They are opportunities to do some hands-on Windows 8 app building, while being face-to-face with devleopers, architects and other smart people who can help them build their ideas into the new touch-sensitive format.

Some of you can't be in those places during the month of June, so for one day on June 14, we are having a virtual series of workshop sessions

On 14th June from 9am to 5.30pm PST, the Windows User Experience team is running sessions on how to design great apps that use the platform in cool ways and follow UX guidelines. After the training, you’ll be able to design and build experiences that follow the tenants of great apps, use intuitive information architecture patterns, and use best practices for designing flexible layouts, touch, contracts, and much more.

So, they basically cover the UX issues in Windows 8, and get you comfortable with the theory, the design thesis, and the fundamentals of user design. Hope you can make it. 

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