Microsoft Accelerator Taking Applications Until June 29 — Free Azure Hosting to Build Stuff

Sam Rosenbalm, BizSpark Managing Director, has been mentoring and visiting with entrepreneurs at the Kinect Accelerator class in Seattle since April. He’s also helped dozens of startups around the world figure out how to leverage Windows technology to build supported sustainable apps and companies in the cloud.  We’re combining the best learning from those startups, mentors from TechStars, and direct access to Windows Azure executives and engineers to bring you the Cloud class at the Microsoft Accelerator Powered by TechStars.  Startups will move to Seattle for three months, August 27 to November 29, and will receive funding, free cloud services and training.

Who should apply?  Startups can have just an idea or an established application that leverages the cloud.  That could be a mobile, client or web app and doesn’t have to leverage existing Microsoft technology.  Some of our existing startups use Windows Azure for gaming, high performance computing, big data, ticket sales, event management, video distribution, and web services.  We even have one scaling up online casting sites for Hollywood!  So what are you waiting for?  Visit to get registration information and apply by June 29th.

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