Guest Post: Adam Peterson, CEO, Vipecloud: Other People’s Marketing

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the term Other People’s Money. In fact, some believe Other People’s Money is the simplest definition of doing business. There is another OPM that is in many ways just as important, and that is Other People’s Marketing.

Adam Peterson, CEO of Vipecloud writes about new marketing strategies for startups in social, as part of our guest blogging series at BizSpark. 


New companies are popping up at hyper-speed making it challenging to stand out to potential users. So how do you capture the attention of your market?

Answer: The same way you operate your personal social media.

Build relationships with your customers by re-using other people’s content. Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply be the contributing source of interesting content to your audience?

90% of the content on sites like Twitter, YouTube, and other similar services are created by 10% of the users (GigaOm). Even President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondent dinner joked that the Huffington Post has done a fantastic job of providing news by linking to real news articles.

So roll with it. The simple secret to building a loyal following is to regularly stay in front of your users. That presence can come via emails, Twitter conversations, Facebook pages, blogs, and your product itself. Most every major social network sends out weekly update emails showcasing top content created by others. You can too.

What content is the best to share with your customers through these various channels? The following can all be found in blogs, on Twitter, and for the most engaging content, on YouTube (there is an enormous amount of business relevant videos on YouTube that are not being utilized effectively).


  • Webinar recordings
    • Industry overviews, thought leader interviews, 3rd party informational presentations.
  • Industry trends
    • Gartner and IDC reports or excerpts (both have YouTube Channels too).
  • News specific to your company’s industry.
  • News about your customer and prospect’s industries.
    • Company news, product releases, and expert interviews.
  • Interesting content that is industry agnostic.
    • TED Talk, Khan Academy, and Newsy videos.
  • Newsworthy updates about your company.
  • General how-to information
    • Sales training blogs/videos, social media training blogs/videos.


Being the source of interesting content by taking a few minutes to find relevant information on a regular basis will help you build a following so you can focus on building a beautiful product.



About the Author

Adam Peterson

CEO, VipeCloud (, @VipeCloud)

EIR, StartX (, @StartX)

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  1. Austin R. says:

    Great post!  So often I see marketers struggle with trying to produce their own content at a frenetic pace, but aggregating others' (perhaps with a touch of high-level insight) is often the best way to become recognized as an industry leader and expert.

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