Wappwolf Is Wawesome — An Automated File Workflow Process

Pun aside, Wappwolf is based at Rocketspace on Fremont Street in San Francisco. Roland Trimmel, who is from Austria, manages the marketing and strategy for the company. He is here in this video with the team, also from Austria. They have an automation app for documents put into dropbox that is easy to use and that gives me some thoughts on the future of workplace automation. 

I get sick and tired of haivng to tag and post every single Facebook photo into albums, especcially since my job means that I have to do this for many pictures. Yes, Facebook does have some automation, but the great thing about Wappwolf is that Wappwolf does all the dirty work for me and makes sure that anything I drop into Dropbox or Box will be automatically processed using all the little tasks that I have created for it. 

It doesn't matter if it's a pdf, a video going to YouTube, like the one I am going to show you here, or spreadsheets.

They are getting ready to announce some changes, like the use of "recipes" created by avid users of the app.  Microsoft has a partnership with RocketSpace -- our attempt at being deeply embedded in Silicon Valley Startupland.

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