Run a Startup and Need a Partner? Check Out This Map, and Get Going

Written by Douglas Crets, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Bizspark

What is the most amazing thing about building a startup? Entrepreneurs tell us that more than anything else, it's the ability to change the world in some way. That's speaking kind of broadly, and usually it means they have found a problem somewhere and then decided to fix it.

And with the world being so huge, you can imagine the problem sets are huge. Find a big problem, and then build a solution, and you are on your way to something scaleable. To build rapidly and at scale, you need partners, and that's one of the things that Microsoft BizSpark offers.

We had our own problem here at BizSpark. How do we offer our startups access to the partner network that exists all over the world? Thousands of startups have signed on to work with Microsoft technologies and build in the Azure cloud, and as we promised, we connect them with partners who can provide them with tools, advice, ideas, and innovations. 

So, we made a map.  Visit the site to check it out. You can use the map to find locations and names for every partner in the over 2,400 member network. Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to drop ideas in the comments. 

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  1. R Paul singh says:

    Great article. We would love to get a Microsoft contact map ie if I have question on office365 vs Sharepoint which expert can I reach directly who will either know the answers or take responsibility to find it.


  2. reach directly who says:

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