#DEMO2012 — From the Floor, Startups That Help You Share Media, Find Burritos and Flee Emergencies

We went around over the past two days and asked entrepreneurs at DEMO 2012 what they were here to get done. Here are some videos of four of the entrepreneurs we found who are trying to build new companies and services for the people. 

Rohit Vashisht, CEO and founder of HashTips,  says that sharing and social discovery are interlinked. So it should be a common practice to use your friend's sharing history and experiences on social to give you the best tips for immediate decisions for shopping, eating out, or entertainment.

Tim Sae Koo, founder of Hypemarks, wants to make it much easier to discover content you love. The Facebook paradigm works, but if you don't stay on top of it, you lose connections with great content feeds, since Facebook's drive is to share as much information as possible. Sae Koo wants Hypemarks to help people find the content they want consistently; he uses a curating strategy.

Matt Johnson created Omnistrat so that business executives could get more comfortable with using social as a strategy for aligning entire organizations to operational and fiscal goals.

Erik Endress served as a firefighter for 25 years, and then he made Share with 911 because he figured out you could use people's mobile devices to create a realtime social heatmap of a situation and a geography during an emergency. They do not seem to have a URL, so you can find them on Facebook.

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