Gaming Gig – Kinect for Windows @Mega

By Claire Lee

This weekend – if you are signed up for the Gaming track at Mega Startup Weekend, you have the chance to meet with Adam Smith – Lead Developer, Kinect for Windows SDK. He and the rest of the Kinect for Windows team bring Kinect technology to the Windows platform, unlocking a broad range of novel applications and exciting opportunities in user interaction, 3d vision and more.  Adam has been building SDKs and client frameworks for the past decade, and loves being a force multiplier, providing the tools to unlock other people's ideas and creativity.  He's looking forward to introducing folks to the Kinect sensor this weekend, helping out coding and learning about as many novel uses for Kinect technology as possible!

Adam is here @Mega to enable folks experiment with an experience leveraging the Kinect – even if you don’t have any Kinect skills (yet) if you are an adept programmers, he’ll help you understand how to build something this weekend. Much of the focus is game oriented (of course) so we can tell you (and show you) a bit about the development, e.g. how to create a control scenario for a punch…  so check out the Kinect developer demo stations with Kinect for Windows devices.   

Need Inspiration?

Check out the winning company from the recent Startup Weekend in Seattle –  Freak’n Genius, who built a Kinect enabled game. After they won Startup Weekend they went on to get a coveted spot in the Kinect Accelerator. So you never know what can happen!

There’s still time to grab a ticket to take part. Go on!

Good luck, have fun, and say Hi to Adam when you see him.

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