Startup Weekend Bangalore 2012

Guest blog by Kattayil Rajinish Menon

54 Hours | No Talk | All Action

100 Participants | 68 Business Ideas Pitched | 15 Startups Bootstrapped

3 Startups Declared Winners

 Startup Weekend Bangalore was a great success.  Microsoft helped organize and host the event which attracted startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, investors and venture capitalists.   The 54 hours were full of great activity.  In addition to great keynote sessions and Thursday’s Windows Azure Boot camp session, there were: 

  • 60+ Business Ideas were pitched and 15 teams were formed based on voting. These 15 teams bootstrapped their startup throughout the weekend. 
  • VCs, Successful Entrepreneurs & Industrialists mentored the teams to pitch with a working prototype in front of a judging panel on Sunday evening! 

Which led to the three winners!  

FIRST PLACE:                 



Mistakopedia is an open web platform for live updates of mistakes people make, mundane to important ones. It serves as a search engine of mistakes.




Sharewell  is an online platform for member driven, trustable, sharing, and recycling communities.




Shastra is a learn-teach platform that transfers information based on users’ social circles and interests in a gamified environment.

Congratulations to all!

Check out more details at

Comments (9)

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Pankaj Jain says:

    Thanks to Gowtham, Rajinish, Aarti and everyone at Microsoft who helped make Startup Weekend Bangalore possible and a big hit – once again!! Thank you all!!

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