Azure Acceleration Webcast and Workshops

Want to move to the cloud but have concerns on how to monetize and manage your solution? Attend Microsoft’s Azure Acceleration Webcast (Phase 1) and Workshops (Phase 2) that are uniquely designed for Startups. Participating will enable your company to go to market with your company’s cloud offering quicker and reduce the risk by educating you on the effective implementation of Windows Azure applications.

Why Attend?

Cloud is growing and Startups are seeing strong benefits from moving to the cloud. Benefits include:

·         Reduction in Operational Costs

·         Increase in Revenue

·         Faster Time to Market

·         Reduced Risk

Continued support. Phase 1 is the Azure Acceleration Webcast (agenda shown below) is designed to get you started to operationalize in the cloud and monetize.   However, in order to ensure your comfort level we are not done after the webcast, we will continue to assist you along the way of development — simply register for Phase 2 Azure Acceleration Workshop near you. Engage in a highly interactive, multi-faceted business discussion leading to a tactical roadmap for developing and implementing Windows Azure cloud offerings in market.


Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, Architects, Development Leads, CEO, CTO, CMO/Product Manager, Head of Sales, Head of Support


Phase 1: Azure Webcast Agenda

*Full Session Overviews Available on Registration Page






Windows Azure Description and Positioning

We’ll talk about how Microsoft views the cloud, where Windows Azure Platform fits into our cloud strategy and advantages of the Windows Azure Platform.

Bob Isaacs

SR. Platform Strategy Advisor



Cloud Enablement and Operations


Aditi will share its experience and best practices in helping companies accelerate their move to Software as a Service built upon the Windows Azure Platform.



Deploying and operationalizing applications on the Windows Azure platform needs careful planning and the right tooling. In this session, we will talk about the best practices in successfully running a scalable application.

John Schindler

VP Cloud Service of Aditi


Paddy Srinivasan

Founder & CEO of Opstera



Aditi and Opstera



Metanga will provide an overview on how you can quickly monetize your SaaS or Cloud offering by simplifying enrollment, account management, subscriptions, billing, payments, entitlements and online customer support.

Mark Dudman

EVP & GM Metratech Corp.


Curt Raffi

Director  of Product Marketing



Next Steps

       Sign up for Azure Acceleration Workshop near you


Bob Isaacs

SR. Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft

Phase 1:  Register Now For Azure Acceleration Webcast

Date:  Friday February 24th , 2012
Time:  1:00pm – 2:00pm (EST)

Online: Live Meeting

Level: 100-200

Attendee Raffle:

Attend and complete a post webcast evaluation to enter to win an Xbox 360 Kinect!

Also Register Now for Phase 2 (Azure Acceleration Workshop)(space is limited):

 Key Objectives - As stated above, after the Webcast the next stage is to continue to assist in development via the Azure Acceleration Workshop.  Details as follows:

Ø  Understand requirements for successfully developing and operating Windows Azure based solutions

Ø  Determine provisioning/mgmt and billing strategies

Ø  Develop potential integration plans for implementing specific applications leveraging Cumulux/Aditi and Metanga services.

               *Full Session Overviews Available on Registration Page


Phase 2: Azure Acceleration Workshop


Space is limited for the workshops, register today to ensure your seat today!




Registration Link

Atlanta, GA


March 14th

9:30-4:00pm EST

Alpharetta Workshop Registration

Cambridge, MA


March 9th

9:30-4:00pm EST

Cambridge Workshop Registration

Chevy Chase, MD

Microsoft Office

March 7th

9:30-4:00pm EST

Chevy Chase Workshop Registration


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