Reversing the Brain Drain in Nepal

One of the real benefits of technology we have been able to provide to rural Nepal has been to teach digital literacy skills to middle-aged women who need to get connected with their family members working abroad. Nepalese members of the diaspora are responsible for sending millions of dollars back to their home country to…


How Can I Get Microsoft to Write About My Startup? It’s Easy!

This is a question we get so many times, its worth having a blog post about it to point people to, so here goes.  Many people ask us every day how they can get some attention for the Windows 8 app they are working on, or the solution they have built on Azure, through the…


This is Why Entrepreneurs Do It Themselves

If you have been in any kind of investing and building game while trying to get your startup traction, you are probably aware of the singlemost nagging problem entrepreneurs face: building a startup is just not very easy to accomplish.  The reason is really structural, and it’s not just because startup building is inherently hard….


Relentless Entrepreneur is Relentless

Developers and entrepreneurs can get frustrated over a great many things. But one thing I have noticed that they don’t get frustrated about is what people think about them. They are too mightily focused on doing something new to worry what someone’s conformity will seem like to them. This post was written by Douglas Crets,…


New Round of Applications Opens for Second Windows Azure Accelerator

If you are working on an app, or trying to build a company using the cloud, mobile, or any other device you have laying around the house, you may want to check out this new Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure. It’s the second in what is looking to be a series of Accelerators that help…


A Startup Weekend Video Starring… Not Macs

Here’s what happens when you do a Startup Weekend at Microsoft.    A little bit about what happened at The Garage.  


This Week’s Best Developer and Entrepreneur Conversations on Facebook

Facebook has a really poor way of archiving and curating great conversations. Since Facebook is basically collecting all the data for itself, you can’t really keep track of it. That’s why every week we take the time to archive the great conversations here, so that you can use them for your benefit, and find access…


Live Stream: iOS Developers Grab Insights on How to Develop for Windows 8

We’re running a live stream of this really fascinating iOS camp for Windows 8 Development.      About Big Nerd Ranch BNR is a training company focused on teaching iOS programming languages. They actually started out training Apple developers’ Cocoa API. It’s co-founder, Aaron Hillegass, is the author of “Objective-C: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”,…


ZenDeals Launches Out of Stealth

We caught up with ZenDeals co-founders Chris Couhault and Alexi Suvacioglu at the BizSpark CoWorking Lab holiday party last night. It was fortuitous because they were about to launch out of stealth at midnight.  I asked them a few questions about how they got started, and was amused to learn that ZenDeals was born out…


Software Solves and Unifies — Why Developers Work On Microsoft Stack Technology

These three videos explain what many of the digerati fail to mention — software is not really eating the world. It’s really creating new growth. It is now so easy to get software — you can get free Windows and Azure stuff through Microsoft BizSpark — and it is so easy to get information about…