Announcing New Partner Offers

Welcome back to Silicon Valley, Microsoft BizSpark European Summit winner, Mopapp.

Not content with winning Seedcamp Berlin in May this year, Mopapp took first prize at our summit in Brussels in June and then secured a coveted spot in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. They are accompanied by fellow BizSpark and Seedcamp friends, Rentlord.

So we decided to make an offer for BizSpark Startups – to get the service free for six months. Check it out.

Mopapp is a web-based analytics tool that integrates with most mobile app stores (including of course the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace) automatically downloading the store's daily raw sales data and transforming it to pretty and easy to understand reports and charts. With Mopapp you can easy keep under control how much each of your apps are selling and how many downloads they are getting.

If you have apps available on multiple stores and for multiple platforms (WP7, iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc) Mopapp becomes an invaluable companion to compare revenues, profit and downloads between different platforms, stores and countries.

Mopapp also downloads your apps' user reviews, so that you can see them all in a single place. It even integrates with ad networks such as AdMob and InMobi, so that you can analyze not just app sales but also ads impressions and ad revenues (especially useful for free apps that display banners).

Many more features are available: take the tour to find out more, or have a ride on the interactive demo.


A few weeks ago, we announced the CapLinked service which has got great reviews in the market. In my earlier post I mentioned that Angelsoft unveiled their new platform at #DEMOcon today. We think Gust will be another great service for early stage companies so we have added it to our partner offers.

As of today, you can search the database of accredited investors to find suitable partners for your business. 35,000 investors across 750+ angel groups and venture capital funds worldwide use Gust to identify investment opportunities and manage their deal flow. Create your Gust investor relations site and share it with any group on the Gust platform to be immediately considered for funding.

We’d love your feedback on this new service. Raising funding can be less than straightforward.

Joining Xero in the small business accounting space is fellow Startup America partner, Intuit.

Read about the announcements today from Startup America Partnership – they are open for business.

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