BizSpark One Week in Review – Sep 3

Over the past week, here’s a sampling of news highlights of members of the BizSpark One program, identifying a small number of the best companies in BizSpark, which is now comprised of over 40,000 startups.

Week of August 28 – September 3

  • § Curse, a leading content and community platform for online video games, has been named to the Inc. 500, which recognizes the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. Ranking #405 on the list with a three-year revenue growth of 839 percent, Curse was recognized as #15 in the media category and #16 in San Francisco.
  • § Evernote, a cloud-based service that helps you remember everything, launches a new studio in Austin, Texas to become home to an autonomous team of developers, designers, engineers and product managers building exciting new products for the company.
  • § Exceedra, focused on commercial and supply chain planning, was highlighted in a Microsoft case study. Exceedra moved its core solution offerings to the Windows Azure platform, meeting a growing customer demand for cloud-based solutions and expanding Exceedra’s ability to speed up its sales cycle and reach new global markets and customer segments.
  • § News360, a next-generation news personalization and aggregation service, was highlighted in Scobleizer including a video interview by Robert Scoble with the company’s CEO, Roman Karachinsky on how News360 is changing the content delivery game.
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