BizSpark Startup of the Day on Windows 8 – Mangatar

For today’s featured startup, we go to Italy. Mangatar. The Mangatar Project took shape in 2011, driven by the experiences the five founders gained in the field of digital entertainment. In March 2012, Mangatar became an s.r.l. company and some months later  launched its first game, “Mangatar Saga”,  that hit 60,000 users worldwide.  According to…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 – Dovetail Systems, Inc.

Dovetail Systems, Inc. is founded by one of the most experienced veterans in the hospitality technology industry. According to founder Bill Draper, “We believe the time is right for a new generation of products based around an easy-to-use pleasurable user experience at more affordable prices.” So for his money, that is Windows 8. We were…


BizSpark Featured Startup on – Verpura GmbH

Florian Gumpinger, founder of Verpura, wants to deliver SAP to small companies. So, he made his Windows 8 app to do just that. Enter the Verpura Timetracking Application on Windows 8. According to Florian, who is based in Austria, “It is an integrated ERP/CRM solution with interfaces to Microsoft Office 365 and with innovative features…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 – PhotoWeaver

PhotoWeaver does one thing that you don’t expect a smartphone app to do — it takes the photos in all of your drives and feeds (SkyDrive, local drive, Flickr, Facebook) and gives users the ability to “weave their lifetime worth of pictures on their mobile, on the go.” Pictures from across social networks and cloud locations are “woven” into…


Featured Startup on Windows 8 – WorldWinger Travel and Cruise Alert

It may be surprising to travelers in the jet age but there is an entire — big — population of consumers out there who do not immediately think of getting on a plane when they think of booking their next trip. They think about getting on a boat. Travel portals in most developed markets have…


Startup on Windows 8 – 9SLIDES INC

There is a maxim in startup culture: One must hustle. It would be hard to find anyone in the Microsoft BizSpark program who embodies this hustle like Ruchit Garg, CEO of 9Slides. He seems to be everywhere, and is an active participant in many of the knowledge sharing discussions that go on between community members. We…


Featured BizSpark Startup Building on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – Data-Arc

It’s pretty amazing where you will find a Microsoft BizSpark startup. With over 75,000 current and alumni companies having gone through the program, we have seen it pop up in nearly every country with a web or mobile infrastructure. Ibtesam Sharif, Founder, Data-Arc, creator of Wordness The gentleman standing in front of Master Chief is…


Featured Startup on Windows 8 – MEA Mobile

Right now, Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have Instagram video, but that shouldn’t stop you. You can use iSupr8 in Windows 8, which allows you to add some old school to your videos. iSupr8 is a video recorder that grades each pixel based on exposure, the resulting film becomes a unique and retro masterpiece. And the…


Featured Startup on Windows Phone and Windows 8 – Phorego

Frank Chiang dives into biology and Greek when he describes his newest startup. Phorego, he says, “originates from the word phoresy (fôr’i-se), which is a term used to describe ‘a relationship between two organisms in nature in which one gives the other a ride’; like remoras and sharks, or fungi and bark beetles.” Sounds just…


Featured Startup on Windows 8 – Ademptio

Face it. You love coding. Or, you hate coding. For those who really do love it, and for those who find that some of their best ideas happen when they are doing other things, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could switch on a device, at will, and immediately code to the cloud? Problems solved….