Don’t waste time with repetitive coding, build backend apps fast with Hasura

Based in India, Hasura is a core tech company focused on developing applications that streamline product development and make it easier for businesses to inexpensively produce their own applications. The company’s namesake service is a developer platform that helps you build and deploy backend applications fast, while still ensuring they are robust, flexible, and scalable….


Streamline your clinic’s operations and improve your patient communications with Core Practice

  Core Practice is an Australian startup providing software solutions that aim to help dentists better manage their schedules, patients, and practice. The company’s namesake product is a cloud based Practice Management Software (PMS) that offers dental providers a cheap, easy-to-use, PMS system that can be flawlessly integrated into any traditional client-server network. With Core…


Prevent, Diagnose, and recover from cyber-attacks with Comae Technologies

Comae is a cybersecurity start-up that is focused on developing malware detection and response platforms, primarily for small and medium sized enterprises. The company’s most recent creation is a state-of-the-art security platform that utilizes built-in driver and debugging capabilities to generate troubleshooting data that independently hunts for potential cybersecurity threats. Comae also correlates and analyzes…


Revolutionize your hotel inventory management and improve your customer service with TraknProtect

TraknProtect is a Chicago-area startup developing software solutions that aim to revolutionize the way hotels track and manage their inventory. TraknProtect’s flagship application is a real-time inventory tracking and analytics platform for hotels and resorts that instantly transforms rudimentary inventory filing systems into real-time, automated tracking systems. With TraknProtect, your staff can now locate any piece…


Run your own integrated file sharing and sync solution with FileCloud

Based in Austin, Texas, CodeLathe is developing cloud-based filing systems that are designed to intelligently enterprise data, while providing ironclad data protection and security. The company’s premier business offering, FileCloud, is a unified enterprise file service platform that gives businesses the ability to host their own, branded file sharing, sync, and mobile access solutions. FileCloud…


Watch the Game with Like-Minded Sports Fans with FanWide

  FanWide has developed an exciting way for people to find and connect with other sports fans to watch their favorite teams. The company’s flagship app is a social media platform that organizes watch parties at local bars and restaurants for fans of major college, professional and international sports teams. The FanWide platform benefits both local…


Analyze customer communications to predict future consumer behavior with Pollstr

Pollstr has developed a platform that analyzes what to customers are saying to help predict future behavior. Pollstr’s flagship service is a data analytics application that streamlines your customer service pipeline by analyzing all your digital text communications with each customer. To do this, Pollstr centralizes the flow of your consumers’ textual conversations, and then…


Daily Story: Tell your story with our customer success platform.

DailyStory is the simpler, faster, and easier way to keep and grow existing customers. It can cost 5-times as much to find a new customer vs. keeping an existing one. DailyStory is a startup developing solutions to help businesses keep and grow their customers by giving them the strategies and tools they need. DailyStory’s flagship…


Stuck: Roadside assistance when you need it, how you need it

Azimuth Labs is an Australian startup that has developed Stuck, a new app that will revolutionize the way you pay for and receive roadside assistance. The aptly named app is an on-demand service that connects local automotive experts with drivers who are “stuck” and in need of roadside help. The Stuck platform is designed to…


Mitigate risk and capitalize on profitable new opportunities with SiteZeus

Located in Tampa, Florida, SiteZeus® is a startup company developing a cloud-based location intelligence platform that is intended to help businesses locate and capitalize on profitable opportunities. The company’s flagship service, SiteZeus Synergy™, is a big-data GIS platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help businesses visualize market potential and analyze the specific…